ROGERS CUP DISCOUNT TICKETS- I am pleased to announce that we have now received a Promo Code from Tennis Canada for discount tickets at the Rogers Cup (August 7-12, 2017) Please click on this link for details: Curran Hall Promo Code

FACEBOOK COMMUNITY PAGE - There was an error in the email I sent you introducing our new private Facebook Community Page. Our Administrator’s Email address should have been [email protected]. I apologize for any confusion. Here’s the email again - this time with the correct email address!:

What can you use the page for? Here are a few examples:

  • Monday Night Competitive Doubles:

                o to ask for spares to play for you - provide the date and time and court # if you have it. It is up to you and your spare to agree, and the spare must show up on time to play for                       you

                o to indicate that you are available to spare - provide details on your availability, and another member can contact you through the page or privately.

  • You can post tennis club-related photos
  • You can ask questions about tennis or tennis-related events.
  • You can post about tennis events.

Instructions to join the private Facebook Community Page:

  • In the Facebook search box (top of screen), type Curran Hall Tennis Club.
  • Click the “Join” button next to “Curran Hall Tennis Club” (not the one next to “Curran Hall Park Tennis Club”)
  • You must be a current member of CHPTC – you will be approved shortly by a Group Administrator

Note: “Curran Hall Park Tennis Club”is an open Community Page that has been up and running for a while.


Please contact Sara at [email protected]